Milli-Jane (Emily Jane Pooley)


The Marvellous Milli-Jane is an Illustrator from another dimension. You are lucky to have discovered such a rare creature.

Designer, imaginator and illustrationarinator of all things marvellous and character based. her work varies from cute to crazy and always has a hint of humour because she believes taking life too seriously is the biggest sin since unbuttered toast.

Milli likes photographs, pretty colours, mad textures, children's hats from Ikea, cuddly toys, husky dogs, texting 1,234 letter long texts, drinking tea with an average of three sugars, Coca Cola from a glass bottle, travelling across the land armed with a camera of some description, marmite on toast, really boring things, triangles, Zelda, Pokémon, beer and wearing odd socks.

Sometimes I wish my illustrations would come to life and have little conversations with me about the state of the economy or the weather today. But alas there is no cure for those condemned to a digital life. If you can find the cure I'd like to be the first to know!

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Twitter: @millijanepooley


  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design